Linklaters: The Legal Side of M&A

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

On November 9th, Linklaters invited FS Invest to gain insights into the day-to-day workings of the M&A business. Linklaters is a worldwide operating law firm in the field of finance, business and tax law with approximately 2900 employees. Dr. Carl Sanders and Dr. Christoph Tamcke were at our side during the evening and explained the details of their daily merger and acquisition business.

Among other things, M&A includes company takeovers, mergers and company sales. At the beginning we were introduced to many different reasons why companies merge or strategically reposition themselves. We were also given a very detailed explanation of the different types of company sales, highlighting their advantages and disadvantages.

Afterwards we had the opportunity to gain insight into a complete M&A case. From the preparation phase over the negotiation phase to the signing of the contract, we were not only able to get to know the central stations of these transactions, but also got practical knowledge. This gave me an insight into how multi-layered and complex the trades are and how much accuracy the work requires.

I particularly liked that after the extensive input we still had the opportunity to ask both employees open questions. They didn’t leave any of our questions unanswered.

Through the event we were able to gain extensive knowledge in the field of M&A and learn in a practical way. Especially in upcoming job interviews and lectures this knowledge will help me. This event has also brought me one step further in understanding economic processes. Therefore I would like to thank the FS Invest team who made this event possible. But above all I would like to thank Dr. Christoph Tamcke and Dr. Carl Sanders for taking the time to explain the world of M&A.

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