Deutsche Bank Investment Banking Insights

A few weeks ago, 30 selected students of Frankfurt School and members of FS Invest had the opportunity to meet members of Deutsche Bank's Investment Banking Division for a virtual Q&A session.

With Deutsche Bank being the largest Bank in Germany, it offers all kinds of Banking Services. Among multiple other teams we had the privilege to talk to the team that led the Thyssenkrupp transaction in June, which led to a 17.2 billion Euro sale of its elevator business.

In three rounds, beginning with a junior presentation and ending with a senior discussion, we were able to gain valuable insights from different experience levels.

Throughout the event, employees shared many exciting insights directly from one of the most competitive firms in the Investment Banking environment. Insights involved team culture, life on the job, and how to stay ahead of the curve. Some myths around the job were dissolved and replaced with actual experiences. Moreover, we were able to ask questions regarding different divisions, as Deutsche Bank had a diverse selection of employees attend the workshop, spanning many fields of Deutsche Bank‘s Investment Banking Division.

Overall, we can say that the Q&A insight session strengthened our positive views of the Investment Banking environment and its fast-paced, competitive, and multi-layered tasks. The employee‘s honest answers and their description of team culture made Deutsche Bank look like a really interesting place to work. Lastly, one can add that the team seemed very family-like, especially considering the challenging environment the teams operate in.

We would like to thank Deutsche Bank and the respective employees for their time and effort that went into the exciting session!

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